Hair Workshop Jan 17

Who has time for a bad hair day?!?

See the thing is with being a Mum after you’ve poured your everything in your fam bam you rarely leave much for yourself. Sometimes something as simple as having your hair look rad can put a skip in your step and make even the shittiest of days feel less shitty but who has time for that? Amiright?

Together with Jess the superstar behind Hair Addicts we are beyond excited to bring to you the solution. A hair workshop with Mums in mind. Covering time saving tips so you can nail your hair, daily and in only a few minutes. She even has a secret trick to making bed hair look rad in record time, it might as well be bed hair it’s THAT quick and easy.

the evening will go a little something like this…

Learn the secrets to quick and easy beach waves you can do yourself in record time. Plus three looks you can pull together in less than five (with a bit of practice) minutes. Jess is even going to reveal her tricks to taming those new little fluffy temple growths that seem to come with a new baby. What the? You know the ones that make any kind of up do near impossible because they stick out at an awkward length, yep those ones annnnnnnnnnnd it doesn’t end there. After Jess runs through each look you will have the chance to practice your new skills with the skill mister there to help!

tell me more you say…

The workshop will take place at Hair Addicts Salon on Tuesday, January 17 at 6pm.

A light dinner of deliciousness will be provided plus the obligatory bubbles (it’d be rude not too right?)

Plus a small thank you gift just because we are thrilled to have you spend your Tuesday night with us.

There is loads of FREE parking behind the salon, like a whole parking lot.

Due to a smaller space this workshop is limited to 15 attendees and suits women with shoulder length to long hair.

For the first six bookings we have an extra special goodie bag showcasing some ahhh-mazing local talent.

take my money!

Tickets are $80 pp email to get your hot little hands on one

It’s time you did a little somethin’ somethin’ for yourself. *Data shows that a Mum with good hair is a Happy Mum and a Happy Mum means a happy family. Now if you know a Mum who doesn’t make the time for herself and you just want to say ‘hey, I think you’re rad AF and you nail Motherhood’ then buying her a ticket to this workshop is the way to go.

*This data was made up by me but totally makes sense.

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