Who are we

Hi, I’m Amee and I never wanted to be a Mum. I was too busy chasing my dreams, desperately searching for what it was that would finally make me happy. The one thing that would give me a sense of fulfillment and a reason to jump out of bed every single morning. I was doing a pretty great job of it, well so I thought. After putting my career on hold for few a months, I took up work in a bar so I could free up some time to work on my tan, get my sweat on at F45, sample Perth’s finest including its newest bars and restaurants and knuckle down to make some decisions about what to do next.

As what had come to be expected of my life, the perfect job fell in my lap, I was to go back to the FIFO life as an event coordinator working two weeks on, followed by two weeks off. I made plans to relocate to Bali during my two weeks off, because who wouldn’t want to wake up in a tropical paradise? Happiness, fulfillment, everything I was so desperately searching for were just within my reach. Finally!

That was until one random, fun night out. That one night saw me wake up pregnant… to a stranger. The funny thing is this unexpected turn of events gave me everything I had been so eagerly searching for.Being a Mum (a solo one at that) is one of the most fulfilling fun, crazy experiences of my life to date!

One big thing that has stuck with me through all of this is how easy it is to pour all of our love into everyone else, not leaving any for ourselves. It’s important that we’re reminded that we are people, we have an identity, Mum is just a title, a well deserved one worn with pride, but we are so much more than that, we are survivors, protectors, lovers, intelligent (although I have to flick through my facebook memories to be reminded of that sometimes) and most of all we are incredibly beautiful and deserving.

Which is where The Birth Squad comes in. I have created a community to celebrate Mum’s other than just Mum’s through a series of workshops. These workshops teach easy tricks of the trade when it comes to things like

  • Applying makeup in under five mins
  • Learning other hairstyles than the ‘Mum bun’ in you guessed it, under five mins
  • Style advice, making shopping and getting dressed quick, easy and pain free.

We sip champers, eat some delish local food and learn new skills that make you look and feel rad AF every single day!

Most of all, The Birth Squad is full of daily reminders that you, yes YOU are rad as fuck. Just as you are, right this very second.

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