Meet the Stylists

Imagine this, you’re in a hair salon getting your hair done. Your hair dresser absolutely nails it, your hair is looking sheek, perfectly styled, coloured, it’s clean and sitting perfectly. How do you feel? You know you’re looking rad AF, you have a skip in your step and you are positively beaming. Everyone around you is feeding off your radiance. You’re pretty much indestructible. [Gaaah I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.]

That right there is what these workshops are about. Giving you the tools you need to walk around strutting your stuff on the daily. For some reason when it comes to doing things for ourselves after becoming a Mum we are no longer able to find the time, justifying the money becomes difficult and we consume ourselves with guilt. After all isn’t life now all about the tiny human we’re trying to keep alive? It is and that’s why feeling like hot shit daily is more important now than ever before. Happy mum = happy baby = thriving family.

Right so now the justification is out the way I want to introduce you to Fiona and Mel! The two super-mum stylists who I have teamed up with to bring this particular workshop to life. I was very very VERY choosy about who I teamed up with because these workshops are kind of a big deal. No they’re a huge deal, so having the right people delivering them was something I wasn’t going to budge on. After searching high and low, I found them, one phone conversation later I knew I’d found the perfect team!

Here’s a little insight into the lives of the ladies delivering the goods on Sat, Nov 26.



Mel: Mother of two. Mackenzie 9 and Marley 6.

Fiona: Mother of two. Tabitha 9 and Jasper 7

Tell us, what has been your most cringe worthy moment in the fashion department to date.

Mel: [Laughs] You do realise we grew up in the 80’s?! There are way too many to list. I was a big fan of the perm back in the day. Sporting every single perm you can imagine. Big hair – loved it. Not to mention bubblegum jeans, I had a pair in every colour. Rah-rah skirts, oh now I loved my multi-coloured rah-rah skirt.  I thought it was awesome in that. Stirrup pants – ahhh-maz-ing.

Fiona: [Laughing] just laughing at Mels comment. Yes loved the 80s and my worst fashion moment would be my teased fringe all the way through high school …. Haha well I thought I looked cool ok!!

What item can’t you live without?

Mel :  I can’t live without my metallic trainers at the moment, hugely on trend, they look amazing with everything and not to mention they are super comfortable. Love them. I have a pair of dixie rose gold trainers from Hobbs shoes and they are my favs. Another pair of trainers on high rotation are my white nike roshe.  {see they speak mum life fluently – Amee}

Fiona: I have a few ‘can’t live without items’ but my top faves are my tan lace up flats (Neds from Hobbs) soooo comfortable literally like you’re not wearing shoes and they go with everything. My other would be my denim jacket as the perfect ‘go to’ layer for the cooler spring /summer mornings and nights. Super easy to wear.

How did you style change after becoming a mum?

Mel: hmm, I’m not so sure my style changed as such, I did lose a lot of weight after having Marley but I think my style has stayed pretty solid. I probably shop for more one off pieces these days and spend a bit more on my clothing than I used to, but I think that’s more of an age thing rather than being a “Mum”. Like everyone straight after having both the kids, I dressed a lot for comfort as I spent a lot of time around the house while they were newborns, but my style has always been pretty true to me and stayed the same.

Fiona: My style didn’t really change much either apart from going up in size (which wasn’t fun) I’ve always loved fashion and even as a mum I still change at least twice a day! I do however go for quality over quantity these days but like Mel said I think that’s ‘a getting older thing’.

Fave body part to flaunt?

Mel:  My legs – I’ve got long legs and I  have them on show whenever I can – especially in the summer. I’m a great fan of short shorts and wear them with everything!

Fiona: Hmmm do eyes count ? I like my eyes the best, pale blue… But if that doesn’t count my boobs!! [Laughs]

Fave kind of person to style?

Mel: Someone who’s open to the experience and who’s open to trying new things. Fiona and I have the greatest job, there’s nothing better than styling someone who has lost their way and to see their reaction after we have styled them is just priceless. We love it.

Fiona: I like a challenge, someone who is quite sceptical and precise on what they like and what they don’t. That way when they see what you can do and how amazing they can really look it really packs a punch! Giving you confidence in your appearance is why we do what we do.

What would the name of your debut album be?

Mel: That is one thing you do not want to hear me do – my family like to say I’m tone deaf (feedback is a gift). Even the kids ask me to stop singing! I am of course amazing in the shower!

Fiona – My daughter is literally saying right now ‘Mum you can’t sing so don’t even think of our album’ [Laughs] I’m a great shower singer like Mel!

What to do to lift your mood when you’re having a ‘not enough coffee in the world’ kinda day?

Mel: Throw on a fabulous pair of heels, maybe catch up with Fiona for a bit of whinge and if that’s not enough – have a glass of champers. Champs always cheers me up. In all seriousness, nothing makes me feel better than throwing on a fabulous outfit with even more amazing shoes and catching up with friends -that always lifts my spirits.

Fiona : Always a chat or catch up with Mel helps, mainly cause it’s followed by champers [laughs] we love champers. Otherwise date night with my geezer Marc.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Mel – I wanted to be a fashion designer when I grew up! I am actually a very good sewer but I never have the time these days which is a shame.

Fiona: SNAP! I also wanted to be a fashion designer or an artist. I went to Art School in Auckland for 3 years and also a year at The Fashion Academy. Following on from this I worked retail just to be as close to fashion as I could. It’s always been a passion of mine, it wasn’t a surprise to anyone when I became a stylist.

If you were a piece of clothing what would you be?

Mel:  I would be a pair of ripped skinny leg jeans – they are so versatile, wear them with a T-shirt and a pair of trainers or dress them up with a fabulous top and heels. Denim never goes out of fashion!

Fiona: An ultra feminine dress! I love dresses and the more feminine the better. I love colour and love the way I feel when I wear one. Sexy, feminine and in charge!!

Hope to meet you all soon 💋💋

Want to know more? Head on over to Fiona and Mel and get the low down on how they met and fell into styling.