Have you met Megan?


Finding the right person to team up with to bring these workshops to life is something I take VERY seriously! Pretty much the minute I touched base with Megan I knew she was going to be a perfect fit. Firstly, she has three kids so if anyone gets how crazy mum life is, it’s her. Secondly she always looks ridic gorgeous, anyone that looks that good with three kids (two under two) has some serious skills that I need to know about, so without further ado I bring you a big bunch of random facts about Megan Crosby- Makeup Artist and Birth Squad’s newest collab!

Tell us about YOU

Well, Megan obviously! I’m born and raised in P-town. I have three gorgeous kiddies, my eldest ratbag Leon who’s 7, mischievous Mya 19months, and darling little Kendrick who’s 4 months old.

How did Megan Crosby MUA come about?
Well, I was in the fashion industry for a little bit working as a model and always admired the makeup artists and the magic they could work on my face. I didn’t actually wear makeup at the time, also was no good with art in school, but something in me decided to just give it a go. It was a massive risk for me to take because it’s certainly not a cheap industry to crack into, and at the time I was still a single parent just getting by. But i’m so thankful I listened to my gut and went for it! Turns out, I wasn’t half bad and people were willing to pay for my mad skills ūüėČ I also landed a job for MAC cosmetics which helped me further my skills. Helps me let out my limited creativity and sometimes get out of the house for a minute or two haha.
If you were a ¬†‘makeup look’ what would you be and why?¬†
Oh tough one. I’d probably say the natural look, because I’m more than happy in my own skin but to add a few little things just enhance my look. Buuuut I could also be a bright, bold lip. In your face and hard to miss.
Favourite item of makeup?
As a mum? Remover haha. As a makeup artist, highlight (legit so hard to choose one!!!).
What’s your favourite 90’s jam?
Oooooooooooooh, Juicy – Biggie Smalls
Tell us how your style changed after becoming a Mum!
That’s a tough one! When I became a mum, I hadn’t really had much time to find ‘myself’ as an adult, therefore I wouldn’t really say I had a style to begin with! However, from being a mum of one vs three my style has changed more notably. I’m less about ‘keeping up with the Jones”, rocking the latest trends, to more about finding what suits me and speaks to be that day or season. It may sound silly, but I can go from rocking my hubby’s wardrobe one day, to boho goddess the next ha. I just really try and go with the flow. I guess I’ve always been pretty simple, now I just honestly have less time to give a crap on a daily basis.
Biggest makeup regret?
My high school years. Big, thick black under eye liner. Everyday. Yuck.
Who’s your favourite type of customer?
Oh that’s a tough one! I love a customer with realistic expectations. Who understands that not everything they see is a true representation of what’s in front of the camera,¬†i.e.¬†photoshop. If they want me to make them look like they don’t have pores, we’re all out of luck ha!¬† I do love a customer who doesn’t do their makeup often, when i’m finished with them they look in the mirror and are just so happy! It’s the sweetest feeling knowing you’ve made someone feel special. Sometimes they may want the most simple (to me) look, or full glam. Sometimes I may think I could have done better, but when they get the final look they’re excited¬†with the final results. It makes my job worthwhile.
What would the name of your debut album be?
Either #mumlife orrr boss ass bitch….joking! ha
Go to ‘look’ for a night out/special event?
Deep red lip, definitely! Rocked in on my wedding day, hubby was only allowed to kiss me once haha.
Well I don’t know about you but I for one can NOT wait to pick Megans brain and change my makeup game! For more deets head over here