Makeup Workshop March 10


As Mums I’m pretty sure that week means month and fuck yeah we feel more fierce than Beyoncé when we do bust it out! Because we have a little bit of ourselves back. Wearing makeup isn’t a necessity, especially when there are more important things, you know, like sleep but who doesn’t want to feel fierce, feel put together and feel like that can take on the world?!? Um we do!

On that note, it’s about time you did something for yourself, sure you can get your makeup done for special occasions but imagine having a few tricks up your sleeve that on those days when you feel like you need a little something extra you can pull it together in a matter of minutes, yep I said minutes.

Together with a very clever makeup artist, toddler wrangler and fierce Mum to 3 cuteheads Megan Crosby we have put together a Makeup Workshop just for Mums!

What you’ll learn…

Megan will go through all things skincare and grooming, because with the right combo we can wake up looking like we’re ready to take on the world, or at least the day.

How to look alive with some super simple tricks that you can do in under 5 mins (with a bit of practice).

Highlighting and contouring like a pro! Think Less Kardashian and more flaunting what your Mumma gave you.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd you’ll have a new found love for liquid eye liner by the time you walk out of there because nothing screams fierce quite like a slick of black gold.

Not only will you be watching her in action but you will have a chance to give it a go yourself as she walks around helping you out. So you will be leaving with a brand new set of tried and tested skills. All of which you’ll be learning while sipping on bubbles and snacking on some delish treats.

Treat yourself to a Friday night out with the girls and dress for the occasion, who knows where the night may take you once you’re glammed up, Tuart Hill is just down the road from some pretty rad bars!

Tickets are only $80 and can be purchased by shooting Amee through an email with how many you’re after to

When: Friday, March 10. 6.30pm

Where: Hair Addicts, 77 Wanneroo Road, Tuart Hill

Only 14 tickets up for grabs, we like to keep them small so they can be as interactive as possible. Come get your fierce on!